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Yajilin, also known as Arrow Ring or Straight and Arrow, is a logical loop puzzle published by Nikoli.

  • The goal is to make some cells black and draw one continuous non-intersecting loop that connects the other cells.
  • The loop must not cross cells that contain an arrow or that are black.

Black cells :

Some cell must be made BLACK and do NOT belong to the loop.

  • A cell with a number and an arrow indicates how many black cell are in that row or column in the direction of the arrow.
  • Black cells can only touch each other diagonally.
  • There may be black cells without arrows pointing to them.

Dot box:

The first option you can choose is a cell with a dot. This serves as an aid to indicate that this box certainly belongs to the loop, but that you do not yet know which loop shape you should choose. It is therefore a provisional choice.

Follow the instructions below to create the Yajilin puzzles from this website.

  • LEV: choose your starting level. The number of available puzzles is in parentheses.
  • PUZ: enter the number of the puzzle that you want to make.
  • START: the puzzle of your choice will now be loaded.
  • Click on to go to the next Hashi puzzle.
  • Choose one of the 9 options below the puzzle.
  • Click on a location in the grid where you want to have that shape.
  • Click ✓ to check the Yajilin puzzle for errors.
  • Click SOL to show solution.