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On the Dutch section of this website I have already more logic puzzles and sudoku variants. I will translate them as soon as possible.

UPGRADE (16/01/2020):

For children we have created special versions of KENKEN PUZZLES to focus on multiplication tables, simplifying fractions and changing improper fractions into mixed numbers.

I am very exited about my latest creation: the MYSTERY SUDOKU.

Also have a look at:

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Welcome on our website about suguru puzzles. This sudoku variant is a real craze. This puzzle is similar to sudoku. This puzzle is als known as tectonic or number blocks. You can choose between:

In the first part of our website, puzzle rules, you will find an overview of all the puzzles with a detailed description of the rules. You cannot solve a puzzle if you don't know all the rules.

In the second part we want to improve your puzzle skills. We will present a list of solving techniques to help you solve difficult puzzles.

In the thrid part it is time to test your skills. You'll find an online puzzle generator with several levels: beginner, medium and expert.