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Sudoku Mine combines Sudoku with Minesweeper. The goal is to place three mines in each row, column and region. The numbers in the grid represent the number of mines in the adjacent horizontal, vertical or diagonal cells. Mines can be part of different numbers.

The blue cells must change to a MINE or a CROSS!

Follow the steps below to solve a puzzle from our database.

  • LEV: the number of available puzzles is in parentheses.
  • PUZ: enter the number of the puzzle that you want to solve.
  • START: the puzzle is now loaded and ready to be solved.
  • Click on a blue cell to place a MINE.
  • Click on a MINE to change to a CROSS. A cross means that NO mine can stand here.
  • Click on a CROSS to make blue and neutral.
  • Click on the green cell with number to make it white. This means that you have found the number of mines for that cell.
  • Click on ✓ to check the puzzle. The wrong cells turn RED.
  • Click on SOL to show the solution of the sudoku mine puzzle.