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With the Skyscraper Sudoku, the numbers in the grid are seen as skyscrapers that, depending on the number, show 1 to 9 floors.

With this puzzle there are also CLUES outside the grid. These numbers indicate the number of skyscrapers that you can see from that position. If there is, for example, the number 1 in the border, the number 9 must be placed in the first box so that you can see only 1 skyscraper.

For example, if the number 3 is in the border and:

  • if the first digit in the grid is digit 6
  • if the second digit in the grid is digit 7
  • then you can place 9 in the grid as the third digit

to meet the condition that you can only see 3 skyscrapers from that direction. In this example, the number 9 may also be in a different location on the condition that the number 8 comes behind number 9 to avoid seeing 4 skyscrapers.

CHOOSE PUZZLE: LEV: choose a level of difficulty. Between brackets is the number of puzzles per level.
PUZ: enter the puzzle number of your choice.
START: choose this to load the puzzle.
Click on to go to the next Skyscraper puzzle.
ROW: Next to every SUM you will find the missing digits for that row.
COLUMN: Above every SUM you will find the missing digits for that column.
BOXES (1-9): At the top left are 9 boxes with the missing digits of the 9 subgrids.
NUMBER OF DIGITS: At the top you can see how often a number has already been entered and where.
CLUES: Click on a CLUE outside the grid to make it white. You can do this when you have found they right cell for that clue.

Entering digit: On the left, cells in white color, choose the digit(s) you want to enter and then click on the sudoku cell of your choice. Choose a digit and the empty cell below digit 9 if you want to place 1 digit in small size.
Button ✓: Choose button to check the puzzle. All the correct numbers turn GREEN just like the initial numbers and now can not be changed anymore.
Button SOL: Click on the SOL button to display the puzzle solution.