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With our skyscraper animals should be arranged instead of buildings. The goal is to place 4 animals of different sizes in the correct order. Every animal must appear once in each row and in each column.

Below you can see the animals (= butterfly, mouse, dog and horse) in order from small to large:

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The numbers in the outside the skyscraper puzzle indicate how many animals you can see if you were standing there. If there is, for example, the number 1, the horse (= the largest animal) must be placed in the first cell so that you can only see 1 animal.

By clicking in a cell the animals appear from small to large.

Follow the instructions to solve the skyscraper puzzles from this website.

  • LEV: choose the starting level. Between brackets are the number of puzzles per level.
  • PUZZLE: enter the number of the puzzle you want to solve.
  • START: this puzzle is now loaded and ready to be solved.
  • Click on a gray cell to change to a BUTTERFLY.
  • Click on a cell with a BUTTERFLY to change to a MOUSE.
  • Click on a cell with a MOUSE to change to a DOG.
  • Click on a cell with a DOG to change to a HORSE.
  • Click on a HORSE to make it GRAY and neutral again.
  • Click on ✓ to check the skyscraper. The wrong cells turn red.
  • Click on SOL to show the solution.

We wish you a lot of fun with this skyscraper variant.