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You can go to Mystery Sudoku Techniques to find a step by step solution and explaination of a mystery sudoku.

The Mystery Sudoku is my latest creation. Just like a sum frame sudoku, there are SUM NUMBERS in the border.

One of the 9 digits (eg 2) is the Mystery Digit. What do we know about this digit?

  • The cell in the middle of the grid is ALWAYS one of the nine places of the Mystery Digit, but its value is still unknown. The cell is yellow to designate it as a location of a Mystery Digit.
  • Try to find the value of the Mystery Digit, the location of the other 8 Mystery Digits and of course solve the complete sudoku puzzle.
  • The SUM numbers in the border will help you with this. The upper sum numbers are the sum of the numbers that are connected vertically and both diagonally to the upper side of the Mystery Digit. Follow the same analogy for the sum numbers below, left and right.
  • If there is "0" as sum number, then you can designate the cell next to it as a place for the Mystery Digit. So at the start you always know 5 locations of the Mystery Digit.

CHOOSE PUZZLE: LEV: choose a level of difficulty. Between brackets is the number of puzzles per level.
PUZ: enter the puzzle number of your choice.
START: choose this to load the puzzle.
COLOR CELL: Click on a cell to color it yellow or back to white. You can use this to point out the cells that contain the mystery digit.
ROW: In front of every SUM you will find the missing digits for that row.
COLUMN: Above every SUM you will find the missing digits for that column.
BOXES (1-9): At the top left are 9 boxes with the missing digits of the 9 subgrids.
NUMBER OF DIGITS: At the top you can see how often a number has already been entered and where.

ENTERING DIGITS: On the left, in the first column, choose the digit(s) you want to enter and then click on the sudoku cell of your choice. You can enter 1 or more digits. Choose one digit and click on the empty cell (=bottom left corner) to place one digit in small size.
BUTTON ✓: Choose button to check the puzzle. All the correct numbers turn GREEN just like the initial numbers and now can not be changed anymore.
BUTTON SOL: Click on the SOL button to display the puzzle solution.