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In a Minesweeper puzzle some cells contain numbers. This indicates how many cells around that number (including diagonals) contain a mine. Use only logic to find out where all the mines are.

You will notice that mines do NOT belong exclusively to a certain number and can therefore be linked to different numbers.

Place a cross in cells where no mine can be!

Follow the instructions below to create the MINESWEEPER puzzles from this website.

  • LEV: choose your starting level. The number of available puzzles is in parentheses.
  • PUZ: enter the number of the puzzle that you want to make.
  • START: the puzzle of your choice will now be loaded.
  • Click on the number cell to change the color to white if there are enough MINES for that cell.
  • Click on a gray cell to place 1 MINE.
  • Click on a cell with 1 MINE to change it to a CROSS. This means that NO MINE may stand here.
  • Click on a cell with a CROSS to make it gray and neutral.
  • Click ✓ to check the MINESWEEPER puzzle for errors.
  • Click SOL to show solution.