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a b c d e f g h i
1 A
2 B                  
3 C                  
4 D                  
5 E                  
6 F                  
7 G                  
8 H                  
9 I                  

When solving a killer sudoku you must follow all the rules of the standard sudoku.

A Killer Sudoku is divided into regions and the sum of the digits in each region is indicated in the upper left cell of each region. This variant is very challenging and pushes your puzzle solving skills to their limits.

Check our page with Killer Sudoku solving techniques.

Begin: You automatically start with the 1st sudoku of level 1.
Choose puzzle: LEV: choose out of 4 levels from easy to difficult. PUZ: select your sudoku from 1 to 10. Choose START.

ABC / abc: Choose a column letter (eg. b) or row letter (eg. D) to color that column or row. Choose a cell to remove the color lines.
ABC (digits): Next to every ROW LETTER (eg F) you will find the missing digits for that row.
abc (digits): Under every COLUMN LETTER (eg e) you will find the missing digits for that column.
BOXES (1-9): At the top left are 9 boxes with the missing digits of the 9 subgrids.
Number of digits: At the top you can see how often a number has already been entered and where.

Entering digit: On the left, next to the capital letters, choose the digit(s) you want to enter and then click on the sudoku cell of your choice.
Button ✓: Choose button to check the puzzle. All the correct numbers turn GREEN just like the initial numbers and now can not be changed anymore.
Button SOL: Click on the SOL button to display the puzzle solution.