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When it is the first time you meet this puzzle, then it will be a good idea to read or page with Japanese Sums techniques.

Japanese sums are a cross between Nonograms and Sudoku puzzles. This puzzle consists of a square grid. Along the top and left are numbered clues. The goal is to place numbers in some cells and paint others black to satisfy the clues.

Place the digits 1-9 in some of the cells so that no digit is repeated in any row or comumn. Numbers on the outside of the grid indicate the sums of adjacent digit groups in that row or column in order. Each sum is separated by at least one black cell.

Follow the steps below to solve a Japanese sums puzzle from our database.

  • LEV: choose your starting level. In brackets is the number of puzzles per level.
  • PUZ: enter the number of the Japanse sums puzzle you want to solve.
  • START: the puzzle of your choice is now loaded and ready to be solved.
  • Click in an empty cell and choose the correct number.
  • Under number 9 you can choose a CIRCLE to indicate that there has to be a number in that cell or a BLACK box to indicate that there cannot be a number in that cell.
  • Click on ✓ to check the puzzle. The wrong cells turn RED.
  • Click on SOL to show the solution of the Japanese sums puzzle.