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Nonogram is also known as Paint By Numbers, Griddler, CrossPix, Japanese crossword or Hanjie. With these puzzles you have to draw an image according to the numbers to the left of the rows and above the columns. The image consists of filled black squares and empty white squares. The numbers indicate the length of groups of filled squares in each row and in each column. Groups are separated from each other by at least one white cell.

The nonogram was invented in 1987 by Non Ishida of Japan. That is why this puzzle is also called Japanese crossword .

There is also a variant where different colors are used.

Follow the instructions below to create the Nonogram puzzles from this website.

  • LEV: choose your starting level.
  • PUZ (12): enter the number of the nonogram puzzle that you want to make.
  • START: this hanjie puzzle is now online.
  • Click on a GRAY cell to change to a BLACK cell. This cell now belongs to a group.
  • Click on a BLACK cell to create a WHITE cell. This means that this cell does not belong to a group.
  • Click on a WHITE cellto make it GRAY and neutral again.
  • Click ✓ to check the puzzle for errors.
  • Click SOL to show the solution of the griddler puzzle.