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Grand Tour Puzzles, also known as RoundTrip puzzles, have a grid of points that all need to be connected by a single loop. It is very simular to a Slitherlink Puzzle. To start the puzzle, a few of the points are already connected to insure a unique solution. Use logical deductions to solve it.

The puzzle is correct when you have placed:

  • All the complete black lines that are part of the loop.
  • All the short black lines that are not part of the loop.

Make sure all the lines are black!

Follow the steps below to solve a slitherlink puzzle from our database.

  • LEV: choose your starting level. In brackets is the number of available puzzles.
  • PUZ: enter the number of the Grand Tour Puzzle you want to solve.
  • START: this puzzle is now loaded..
  • BLACK: change the color of the lines into WHITE to try something.
  • Click between two dots (vertical or horizontal) to place a black line.
  • Click on a black line to change it into a short line meaning that no line is allowed on that place.
  • Click on a short line to change it into no line.
  • Click on to check the puzzle.
  • SOL: choose SOL to show the solution of the puzzle with white blocks.