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Gappy ("Gaps") is played on a square grid. The goal is to make cells WHITE or BLACK according to the following rules:

  • Each row and column must contain two BLACK cells.
  • BLACK cells may not touch each other, not even diagonally.
  • Numbers outside the grid show the number of WHITE cells (=GAP) between the BLACK cells in a corresponding row or column.
  • Once you have found the 2 BLACK cells of a row or column you can make all the remaining cells of that row or column WHITE.

First, look for the cells that you are sure to be WHITE. Especially high number clues can help you with that.

To improve your solving skills your can read our page with Gappy puzzle techniques.

Follow the instructions below to solve our hitori puzzles.

  • LEV: choose your starting level. Between brackets is the number of puzzles for each level.
  • PUZ: enter the number of the puzzle you want to solve.
  • START: this puzzle is now loaded.
  • Click on a cell to change it into a WHITE cell. This means: this cell must be between the 2 BLACK cells.
  • Click on a WHITE cell to change it to a BLACK cell.
  • Click on a BLACK cell to change it to a neutral color cell.
  • Click ✓ to check the Gaps puzzle for errors.
  • Click SOL to show the solution of the Gappy.