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Easy as ABC ("ABC End View", "Last Man Standing") is a sudoku variant. You get a square grid whose cells have to be filled with letters from A to ... Our puzzles are limited to the letters A, B, C and D.

The rules for Easy as ABC puzzles are as follows:

  • The letters A, B, C and D must appear once in each row and in each column.
  • The other 2 cells in each row or column remain empty and they get the letter X.
  • The letters outside the grid show which letter should appear first from that direction.

TIP: use the arrow keys to move the YELLOW CURSOR in the grid. If this does not work, thent click once in the grid.

For enthusiasts of this puzzle we have created a variant where we combine these rules with the rules of sudoku. Visit Easy as ABC Sudoku to play online.

Follow the steps below to solve Easy as ABC puzzles:

  • LEV: choose your starting level. The number of available puzzles is in parentheses.
  • PUZZLE: enter the number of the puzzle that you want to make.
  • START: this puzzle is now loaded and the cell at the bottom right turns yellow.
  • Choose a cell where you want to enter a number. This cell will then turn yellow.
  • Choose one of the 4 large numbers if you are sure of your choice.
  • Choose one or more of the 4 small numbers to identify potential candidates.
  • Choose X to indicate a cell as (possible) EMPTY.
  • Choose WHITE CELL (=next to D) to empty a cell.
  • If you choose a digit that is already in the cell, then this digit will be erase from this cell.
  • Tip: click on a letter outside the grid if you have found the right cell for that clue. This cell then becomes WHITE.
  • Click on ✓ to check the puzzle. The wrong cells turn red. If the puzzle is correct, all the cells will turn yellow.
  • Click SOL to see the solution of the Easy as ABC puzzle.