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A Buraitoraito, also known as Bright Light, is a puzzle played on a rectangular or square grid. The grid contains black cells with numbers.

  • A number indicates how many stars can be seen from this cell.
  • A star is visible if it is in the same row or column as the number, but not behind other numbers.

How to solve a buraitoraito puzzle?

  • NIV: only level 1 available. The number of puzzles available is in parentheses.
  • PUZ: enter the number of the puzzle that you want to complete.
  • START: the puzzle of your choice is loading.
  • Click on a GRAY CELL to change to WHITE STAR.
  • Click on WHITE STAR to change to a BLACK CELL.
  • Click on BLACK CELL to change to neutral GRAY CELL.
  • Click on to display the wrong boxes. These will be RED.
  • Click SOL to display solution.